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Preventive Healthcare



Preventive Health CheckWe are all aware of the fact that fate has different destiny in store for us. Life is not free of unfavourable happenings. It is better to identify problems, while it is in the primary stage and take measures to prevent it from getting worse. It is all the more important not to let the problem arise at all. People in the developed countries have realized the importance of preventive measures that help to enjoy life without having to worry. Unfortunately, many people in developing countries have not adopted this wave of preventive health care.

MIMS, which has a Global Vision, has designed several Health Check-up Packages with the philosophy that Prevention is Better than Cure. Proper care has been taken in designing these packages to suit the needs of various age groups. The Comprehensive Health Screening Programme called MIMS Health Check offers you the convenience of all tests under one roof and facility for immediate treatment, if necessary, at the most economic rates.

Salient Features of the MIMS Health Check

  • Assessment of medical history with complete physical examination by a Physician
  • A comprehensive set of tests that give an in-depth lab profile
  • Advances tests as prescribed by the doctor, where indicated
  • Detailed Medical Report for future reference.

After the initial screening check-up, you may have to go for the future tests. Though these tests are not included in the MIMS Health Check Screening Package, such lab tests ordered by the examining doctor shall be done at  concessional charges.

Choose ideal package for you ......

In an endeavor to keep you healthy we are offering affordable Health Check Up package

  • Complete Haemogram, Lipid Profile, Complete Urine Analysis, ESR, Fasting Glucose, SGOT(AST), SGPT(ALT), Creatinine, ECG, Chest X-Ray, Consultation with Physician. 1375
  • Complete Haemogram, Lipid Profile, Complete Urine Analysis, ESR, Fasting Glucose, SGOT(AST), SGPT(ALT), Creatinine, ECG, Chest X-Ray, Breast, Pelvic examination and PAP smear, Consultation with Physician. 1650
  • Complete Haemogram (3PART WITH 12 PARM), ESR, Blood Group & Rh, 
    Peripheral Smear, FBS, PPBS, LFT, Lipid Profile, Urea./ Bun, Creatinine,      Uric Acid, Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, TSH, HbsAg (card), HCV (card),      Complete Urine Analysis, Stool Occult Blood, ECG, X-ray, USG Abdomen,    Physician Consultation.


  • Complete Haemogram, Liver Function tests, Lipid Profile, Blood Group & RH, Peripheral Smear, Complete Urine Analysis, Stool Occult Blood, ESR, Fasting Glucose, 2Hr. Post Prandial Glucose, Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, HBs Ag, TSH, HCV, Urea. / Bun, Creatinine, Uric acid, USG ABDOMEN, ECG, Chest X-Ray, Breast, Pelvic examination and PAP Smear, Consultation with Gynaecologist and Physician. 4000
  • General Check Up + Echo, Treadmill, Cardiology consultation.

  • General Check Up + Echo, Treadmill, Cardiology consultation.


How to decide which package suits you most

  • If you are not known to have diabetes or established heart disease and your need is a general medical check-up to know your current state of health and your risk factors, it is better to go for the General Health Check.
  • If you are a known diabetic, it will be more useful and informative to go for the Diabetic Health Check.
  • If you are known to have significant heart disease and are currently on active heart medications, it is better to choose the Cardiac Check-up.

Check list for the Health Check-ups

The process of undergoing the various tests will take about 5-6 hours. After this you will be seen by the doctor who will perform a physical examination and advice you on the basis of the results.

  • Step 1 : Reception As soon as you arrive for the check-up after 8.00 am, you will be received at the reception desk. After billing our staff will guide you to the Health Check-up department.
  • Step 2 : Collection of first blood sample For this, you have to be fasting, this means that at least 12 hours should have passed since your previous meal. You are allowed to take plain water, but not any other liquid such as tea, coffee or milk.
  • Step 3 : Breakfast MIMS provides breakfast in the restaurant.
  • Step 4 : Ultrasound Scan For this you have to have a full urinary bladder. So you are requested not to void urine until this test is over. If your bladder is not full, you would be asked to drink one bottle of water and wait for half an hour for the bladder to become full.
  • Step 5 : Chest X-ray
  • Step 6 : ECG
  • Step 7 : Second blood test for postprandial blood glucose
  • Step 8 : Physical Examination and counseling by the doctor The examination and advice session with the doctor will take about 30 minutes. Make sure that you ask the doctor all that you want to know about your health status. If you need special consultations with any of the specialists based on the results of the check-up, the doctor will advise you. Fees for additional consultation are not included in the package. The printed report of your check-up with results and specific advice will be given to you.



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